Sova #5 – The Non-Moralist

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Sova Magazine issue 5 “The Non-Moralist is a never ending discourse on the good and bad, the profanity of Do's and Dont's in our contemporary (non)-moral culture.

Including splendid photographic, illustrative & textual works by Antoine HarintheBernhard HandickBooth BitchCamilla StorgaardEASTERFlavia CulcasiGLOSSHannah WolfJohann Bouché-PillonJohannes GierlingerJovana ReisingerLisa GeueLukasz WierzbowskiMartin PetersenPeter KaadenRita LinoRomain BrunetThales PessoaTim Klausing and Tine Fetz.

Comes with special Artist Postcard & Poster

Printed in an edition of 1000