Sova #4 – Appeal - 0
Sova #4 – Appeal - 1
Sova #4 – Appeal - 2
Sova #4 – Appeal
10 EUR
Sova 4 “Appeal” including works from Anna-Sophie Berger, Antoine Larrey, Corinna Gerhards, Daiva Tubutyte, Synchrodogs, Harold Diaz, Jan-Frederic Goltz, Jasmine Deporta, Jenna Kaminsky, Joe Stratton, Joseph Wolfgag Ohlert, Jovana Reisinger Lisa Sudhibhasilp, Marco dos Santos, Marie Quéau, Matrosenhunde, Michael Hooper, Natalie Kaplan, Oliver Clément, Sebastian Reuschel, Tamara Suskic, Tristan Schäffer & We Are Fellows.

This is the very last available copy of Sova #4 “Appeal”. 
Including special edition Artist Postcards & Poster for Issue 4 + a poster package with all other available posters.
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